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Where one person makes an impact, together we can make a change. Your contribution isn't just a donation - it's a partnership in forging a brighter, more equitable world for our communities.

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Together for Equality

Each one of us can make a difference, together we can make a change.

What We Do

The Mi Barrio Mi Sueño Foundation empowers change by creating innovative programs for children and women to break free from violence, discrimination, and educational barriers. We provide holistic community-based support, nurturing minds and bodies alike. Central to our foundation's efforts are education, equality and a world without hunger.

Current Programs in progress

Barrio Boxing

Where strong girls become strong women.

Un Paso Adelante

A step forward by providing education.

Zero Hunger

Fight hunger in this world of plenty.

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A mosquito in your bedroom makes you realize that you are never too small to have an impact.


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How Can You Help?

By supporting the Mi Barrio Mi Sueño Foundation, you're not just contributing—you're lighting the way toward a brighter future. In the heart of Colombia's underprivileged communities, your generosity becomes a symbol of hope and a catalyst for meaningful change. Together, we're breaking down the barriers of inequality, illuminating paths to opportunity and empowerment for all. Your involvement is a vital part of our collective journey towards a future where every individual has the chance to thrive. Join us, and let's create a legacy of equality and prosperity, fueled by our shared vision and commitment.

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