What We Do

We empower young girls and women through boxing, while mothers from the Barrio benefit from our jewelry-making initiative. We also offer English and art classes for all ages. To support families in need, we distribute food bags and provide stoves, all with the mission of making dreams come true.

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Our Mission

Mi Barrio Mi Sueño is dedicated to providing humanitarian support and fostering the continuous empowerment of vulnerable children and women in Medellín. We achieve this through the creation of safe environments that prioritize education, empowerment, employment opportunities, nutrition, and sports activities. Our mission is to equip them with the essential tools needed for opening doors to new opportunities and promoting greater equality.

Work Together, Dream Together

The government calls these neighborhoods invasions. For the residents, it's called home

In Colombia, several communities were created by those seeking refugee and an alternative life from the violence and war. Emerging from rural areas plagued by paramilitary, soldier, and guerilla strife. These "invasions" were born as havens for refugees, crafting homes from wood scraps and discarded materials. Despite lacking national recognition, some have been embraced by local governments, with residents steadfastly calling them home for over two decades. Their resilience shines as a testament to hope.

La Honda

The Mi Barrio Mi Sueño Foundation focuses on the La Honda community. It includes displaced indigenous people, Venezuelans seeking a better life, and rural residents escaping conflicts. Most locals have informal jobs, earning below minimum wage and ineligible for government support. High drug addiction, abuse, and violence rates persist, especially affecting women and children. This leads to poverty, unemployment, limited education, addictions, and abuse, perpetuating a perception of women as inferior.

Gender inequality is not only a pressing moral issue or a women’s issue, it’s a human rights issue.

The Fight for Gender Equality

Empowering women through education is a global force for equality. When girls have equal access, we witness better health, lower birth rates, and more female participation in the workforce. Educated women transform into professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, and educators. At the Mi Barrio Mi Sueño Foundation, we're dedicated to fostering resilient change-makers among children and women, building sustainable communities for a brighter future.

Sustainable Development Goals

Working in unison with the community, we’ve created neighborhood programs that fall under the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, specifically Zero Hunger, Gender Equality and Quality Education. By working with these goals and realizing sustainable projects, we provide the community with opportunities to face a better future.

Ongoing Programs

Barrio Boxing

Where strong girls become strong women.

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Un Paso Adelante

A step forward by
providing education.

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Zero Hunger

Fight hunger in this
world of plenty.

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