Un Paso Adelante

A second home, where dreams take flight, offering children a boundless horizon of opportunity through enriching educational resources and programs, all filled with love and respect.

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A Step Forward

At Un Paso Adelante, our goal is simple yet profound: to create a nurturing space for the children in our project, offering them a second home brimming with love, respect, and chances to thrive. We work hard to build a safe environment where every child feels valued, supported, and empowered to step confidently towards a brighter future.

More than a Classroom

Unfortunately, there is a high rate of domestic violence and sexual abuse in the neighborhood where we work, at Un Paso Adelante, we stand tall as a beacon of hope and possibility. We create not just a space for children and youth to learn and grow, but a nurturing second home. Our center extends far beyond the boundaries of a typical classroom; it is a vibrant hub of resources and support. With open hearts and unwavering dedication, we offer more than practical assistance—we provide a listening ear, a guiding hand, and a legacy of love. Here, children can fearlessly mold their dreams, as art, games, and unity come together to illuminate the path toward a brighter tomorrow.

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Every act of giving, no matter how small, makes a difference. Your donation empowers us to furnish children with the essential educational materials required to sustain these invaluable programs. Together, we can ensure that every child, regardless of circumstance, has access to the tools they need to thrive and succeed.

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